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Mulberry Bush Children's Nursery

Park Lodge House

17 Charlotte Street



G84 7EY

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Our Rooms

Our Rooms Babies Aged 0 to 2 years We aim to introduce your baby to our nursery in a gentle and relaxed manner, which is why we have a very flexible settling-in process. Every baby is an individual which is why we take our lead from the baby, who cannot yet fluently communicate their needs.


We ask you and your baby to come for a look around, we then organise short visits where you can stay with your baby if you wish, this leads on to leaving your baby in our care for perhaps one hour, however we prefer parents to be readily available in case your baby becomes distressed.


We observe your baby's emotional reaction and needs, which we take into consideration when discussing with you the various settling-in options, as parents know their baby best. Your baby may settle best if they come to nursery every day for one hour or perhaps over snack time or when they are not sleepy or due a nap.


We make a point of not charging fees for any settling in visits and we do not limit arrangements to one or two weeks and will tell you if it is not the right time for your baby. Babies are actually encouraged to bring their preferred comforters such as dummies, blankets, toys etc as we realise the emotional importance of these items. We provide nursery cots for your baby to sleep in but encourage you to bring whatever blanket or comforter your child likes best to ensure they feel at home when going down for their nap.


Babies are helped to develop confidence and self esteem by interaction with caring staff that listen, respond and praise.