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Mulberry Bush Children's Nursery

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Partnership with Parents

Parental Involvement

Quarterly newsletters are issued to parents familiarising them with the curriculum, current and planned themes and what our plans and news are. We also have a Facebook page, and a Parents committee which meets once a month. All parents are invited to enjoy festive celebrations, parties and to participate in our Sports Day. Parents are invited each term to discuss their child's progress. We look for comment and ideas.



We pride ourselves on our positive relationships with our parents/carers. We believe that our daily verbal feedback and interaction with parents is the key to working in partnership. Our younger groups have daily diaries, which go home every night, and parents are encouraged to respond. Diaries can be extended to pre-school children if parents do not collect their child personally.



Parents of pre-school children will receive a monthly learning story which encourages parents to get involved in their child's next steps and informs parents of the observations staff have been concentrating on. Individual goals will be discussed daily with parents.


Tweeny reports are issued 6 monthly and prior to a 3rd birthday or moving group. The tweeny room staff issue next steps monthly encouraging parental involvement in your child's learning.


Baby reports are issued 6 monthly and prior to a 2nd birthday or moving group. The babies also issue monthly next steps encouraging parental feedback and involvement in your child's development and learning at every stage.